Friday, May 9, 2014

Plans For Wooden Planes Are Available Again!

I started getting plenty of emails a few days ago when Dropbox disabled all my links along with probably thousands of other Dropbox users. It appears they had a security issue.

Anyhow it took them several days to make it possible to reactivate the links. If you have been searching for the wooden plane plans I offer then here they are back up and running. The dropbox download pages look different but the plans are there.

3/4" Rabbit Plane 

7/8" Ogee Moulding Plane

15" Fore/Jack Plane

1/2" Side Round Plane Pair

Coffin Shaped Smoother



  1. I truly thank you very much these plans, I believe you are extremely generous and kind doing it so. I was surprised to see the right-handed jack plane plan, and to be honest I never realized the handle was offset that way, would you be so patient as to tell what it is intended for, please ?
    My best wishes Mr James.

    From spain, Julio

    1. Julio,

      I won't suggest that I know the mind of the ancient craftsmen and why they did this but my theory (guess) is that it is a way to distribute the pressure evenly across the sole of the plane. That may sound odd but when you consider that the left hand on the toe is applying pressure on the opposite corner of the plane then it balances everything out. Remember here that the left hand is not grasping an knob in the center of the toe but rather the heel of the hand is resting on the plane and applies pressure primarily in the left side.

      This is especially noticeable on the jack plane which would have a heavily cambered cutting edge. If you didn't do this then you would be more apt to be riding on one side of the cutting edge (left) as opposed to taking a cut from right down the center of the blade. In short you would be taking full advantage of the blades cutting profile with the handle offset to the right thus distributing the pressure evenly across the blade and sole.

      Hope that is clear enough. It is just my theory.

  2. Thank you so much Caleb, it makes a lot of sense, you have been very kind, I will try it in my next jack planes and i will be forward to realize your wonderful theory.
    All my best

  3. Hi Caleb, any chance you can reshare the ogee plans? They seem to be 404.

    1. I was in the process of revising the plans but haven't yet finished them. I have gotten side tracked with other things in the mean time. I will post them back up when I get them done. Sorry. :)